Advancement Via Individual Determination is a belief system that teaches students strategies to engage in higher levels of thinking and prepare for all opportunities beyond high school.

AVID Elementary is a comprehensive model for all students and is designed to be embedded into every component of the school day. AVID Elementary is about strategically supporting all students to achieve the highest level of academic rigor. Students learn student success skills to help them be prepared and organized.

The AVID Elementary program focuses on:

Student Success Skills: Communication skills (such as listening, speaking, writing), self-advocacy skills, note-taking strategies, critical thinking, study skills, and developing a growth mindset teach students how to be better learners by equipping them with the skills they need to succeed.

Organizational Skills: Students learn to use organizational tools, as well as learn and practice skills around time management and goal setting.

Lifelong Learning Skills: Instruction is focused on Writing to learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading to learn (WICOR) at high academic levels across all content areas.