Spanish Immersion

Hopkins dual Spanish immersion program encourages scholars to be globally minded with the goal of developing empathy, confidence, curiosity, and proficiency in a second language during their elementary years.

Hopkins' Spanish Immersion program provides children the opportunity to develop proficiency in a second language during their elementary years. In kindergarten, 90% of instruction is in Spanish and 10% is in English. Students learn to read and write in Spanish first, and English literacy instruction is increased gradually. Our goal is to develop Spanish-English bilingual students.  

Our Spanish immersion is a two-way Spanish immersion model, also known as dual Spanish immersion. We welcome English-speaking students and heritage Spanish-speaking students. Studies show that dual immersion is mutually beneficial for native English speakers and native Spanish speakers. Both groups experience faster acquisition of the other language and support each other's learning of English and Spanish. 

Hopkins offers two Spanish immersion classrooms at each elementary grade level. Spanish immersion courses continue at our Hopkins North Middle School. Additionally, Hopkins High School offers College in the Schools courses in Spanish through the University of Minnesota and AP Spanish Literature.

Students who complete the full Spanish immersion track will be prepared for advanced Spanish coursework at the college level and can earn up to 16 college credits by graduation.

Group of students put hand on world globe.

Program Goals

Academic Achievement

  • Immersion scholars will learn the same content standards as other scholars in the district. 
  • Scholars will perform as well or better than their non-immersion peers in all academic areas.
  • Scholars will enjoy the many cognitive benefits of becoming bi- and trilingual or more.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

  • Scholars deeply understand their own cultural background, and respect and appreciate the cultural backgrounds of others. 
  • Scholars develop an understanding of and an appreciation for Spanish-speaking cultures in our community and around the world.
  • Scholars develop cross-cultural communication skills that are essential in today’s world.

More about Juntos Spanish Immersion

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Spanish Immersion Contacts

Melissa Ness, Eisenhower principal
952-988-4301 or email

Enrollment Questions: Carolina Lloyd, Immersion Enrollment Coordinator
952-988-4110 or email