Chinese Immersion

Students who complete the full Chinese Immersion track will be bilingual in Chinese, have an opportunity to travel to and study in China, and will graduate high school with up to 16 college credits. 

XinXing is K-5 total immersion program. That means that all core subject matter is taught in Mandarin Chinese for the full day in kindergarten through grade 2. Students learn to read and write in Mandarin first. English language arts are introduced for the equivalent of one hour per day beginning in grades 3-4, and there is an even distribution of English and Mandarin in grade 5.

XinXing students have Chinese immersion course offerings for grades 6-12 at Hopkins West Middle School and Hopkins High School. Our goal is for students to reach an advanced level of proficiency by the end of grade 12, and to develop bi-literacy in both Chinese and English. Students who complete the full program will graduate Hopkins High School with up to 16 college credits. 

For questions about Chinese immersion programming at Eisenhower Elementary, contact Melissa Ness at 952-988-4301 or

For questions about enrollment, contact Carolina Lloyd at 952-988-4110 or

We relocated from Duluth to send our daughter to XinXing Academy. It had the reputation of being rigorous and engaging with incredibly dedicated teachers — this has proven to be absolutely true! XinXing embraces the whole child and offers a complete immersion experience. 

Laura Jensen, XinXing parent

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