Hopkins School Board Approves 2022-23 Calendar

Hopkins School Board Approves 2022-23 Calendar

At the January 18 School Board Meeting, the Hopkins School Board approved the calendar for the 2022-23 School Year. Next year’s calendar adds three new holidays - Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Eid-al-Fitr. These changes reflect a recommendation made by the Reimagine School Day Structures committee that the academic calendar better reflect Hopkins’ diverse student body. The calendar also removes late starts and instead opts for full-day professional development for staff. The first day of school once again starts before Labor Day on Aug. 29, and spring break is the first week of April.

Oscar Wolfe, a student school board representative, gave an impassioned endorsement of the decision to add the High Holidays and Eid-al-Fitr to the calendar.

“For most students, this will be a minor change, but for those students who are for the first time having their holidays honored, this is a really big deal,” said Wolfe. “Not only will it help students who are in the religious minority, it will also help students who are in the religious majority get a better perspective about the other cultures in Hopkins.” 


If you would like to hear Wolfe’s comments in full they start at 1:42:28 of the January 18 School Board meeting.

A complete summary of the calendar is listed below. Please note, these calendar dates do not yet reflect early childhood. Over the next few weeks, we will transform this information into user friendly formats, including our digital calendars and an easy-to-print PDF version. These calendars will reflect our E-12 system. Please note, minor adjustments may be made to the final calendar. 


2022-23 Calendar Dates


22-26 - Workshop week

29 - First Day of School 



5 - No School, Labor Day 

26 - No School, Rosh Hashana 

30 - No School (Professional Development K-9, Conferences 10-12) 



5 - No School, Yom Kippur

17 - No School K-6 (Conferences) 

18 - No School K-6 (Conferences) 

19 - No School K-6 (Professional Development) 

20 - No School K-12 (MEA) 

21 - No School K-12 (MEA) 



7 - No School 7-12 (Conferences 7-9, Grading Day 10-12)  

8 - No School K-12 (Professional Development Day, Conferences 7-9)
23 - No School K-12

24 - No School K-12

25 - No School K-12 



16 - No School K-12 (Professional Development; Conferences 10-12)

22 - 30 No School K-12, Winter Break 



1-4 No School K-12, Winter Break 

16 - No School K-12, MLK Day 

27 - No School K-12 



20 - No School K-12 (Professional Development)  



2 - No School K-9 (Conferences)  

3 - No School K-12 (Conferences K-12)

31 - No School K-12 (Professional Development; Grading Day 10-12)



3-7 - No School K-12, Spring Break 

21 - No School K-12, Eid-al-Fitr



12 - No School 7-12 (Conferences) 

29 - No School K-12, Memorial Day 



7 - Last Day of School 


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