Schoolwide Enrichment

Hopkins' Schoolwide Talent Development programming grows gifted traits in each of our students so they can successfully apply them to real-world situations using their voice and unique identity to find their path, accelerate their learning, and reach their full potential.

The future demands a different type of student. The next generation of students will be asked to solve some of the world's most complex problems. It’s our job as a system to prepare them for the future. Through Hopkins Schoolwide Talent Development, personalized, inquiry-based learning opportunities are offered to all of our scholars so they can become self-directed critical thinkers and problem solvers who aspire to make the world a better place. 

Within the research-driven Schoolwide Talent Development framework, there are opportunities integrated into the curriculum for students to cultivate and deepen gifted behaviors and the Hopkins Graduate Traits. Schoolwide Talent Development learning incorporates each scholar’s unique identity and interests as part of the curricular experience to elevate their engagement in their learning.

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Dr. Leanne Kampfe 
Principal on Special Assignment 


Elementary students measuring wood and taking notes

We recognize our students as deep thinkers who are curious and capable as they explore the world around them and follow their interests.

- Principal Jim Hebeisen
L.H. Tanglen Elementary

About Schoolwide Talent Development

Hopkins' Schoolwide Talent Development framework is grounded in the belief that gifted behaviors are a skillset to be mastered. Schoolwide Talent Development programming capitalizes on the natural curiosity that all children innately have. Our program is affirming to all learners and provides pathways for each of our students to discover their talents, develop their strengths, and reach their full potential. This pathway looks different for every scholar. 

Through gifted exploration, practice, and application, Hopkins' Schoolwide Talent Development approach encourages self-directed learning based on students’ interests and passions. Through our program, scholars will grow concepts like risk taking, resilience, empathy, responsibility, and collaboration. We use academically rigorous concepts to develop gifted behaviors and complex problem solving skills in all scholars.

Schoolwide Talent Development is based on the three pillars: Exploration, Behavior, and Application.

Schoolwide Talent Development in our Schools

Hopkins Public Schools Schoolwide Talent Development model empowers all scholars to recognize and apply their strengths and interests through self-directed, project- or problem-based learning or collaborative experiences. All scholars will deepen their confidence and love of learning in order to demonstrate the key traits of a Hopkins graduate.

Stylized Vision 2031, Traits of a Hopkins Grad: Has their Own Voice Is Confident Is Empathetic Is a Critical Thinker Is Globa